Videograph 101: A beginner’s guide to integrating the best Video APIs

Today, it is possible to watch one’s favorite content from any device, at any time, and from any location. But what about streaming videos to users? When you consider all the technical jargon and systems involved, it may not appear to be a walk in the park.   

If you are a developer or a content creator or anyone looking to leverage the power of videos and enhance your website? You are at the right place! 

Videograph is a video API platform, that will enable you to seamlessly integrate videos into your applications. The unique aspect of Videograph is that, it’s a one-stop-destination for all your video streaming needs. 

Are you wondering what a video API is? Let us break it down for you.   

What is a Video API?

Video APIs, or Application Programming Interfaces, are a vital part of the modern video ecosystem. 

API or Application Programming Interface is an intermediary service or a software, that allows two applications to communicate through a set of rules and tasks. It is like one of your food ordering apps, which serves as a medium between you and your favorite restaurant. You order through it, and you get the food. Or your friendly movie ticket booking app with a promising layout that enables quick booking. APIs can be used to connect different software systems, and they allow different websites to access the functionality of a particular service. 

Coming to Video APIs, they are particularly designed to access a video streaming website and create, store, and deliver video assets. Video APIs are important since they allow customization of analytics and functionality to suit your demands. 

Videograph to ease your process!

Most developers are familiar with and are comfortable using tools which are used to manage HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol). Videograph uses REST API (Representational State Transfer architectural style). REST API describes a resource-based architectural structure. In simple words, REST requires that the server simply respond to requests that are presently being made — without keeping a ‘session’ or knowledge of earlier queries. Although a REST service can be supplied over any protocol, HTTPS is the most commonly used. This simplifies implementation because most developers have a general understanding of the tools available to manage HTTPS connections. REST APIs create (PUT, POST), read (GET), update (PATCH), and delete (DELETE) resources using normal HTTPS request methods. 

A video API ensures that a video asset is ingested, transcoded, packaged, and delivered to the viewers across the globe. With Videograph on the floor, you don’t have to be a tech wizard to accomplish these tasks. Videograph helps you to forget the complexities of streaming, and build seamless playbacks and video workflows in minutes. This way, you can just focus on other aspects of your business.  

Videograph- the comprehensive Video API

  • Videograph has all the features and workflows, you are looking for in a video API. It is comprehensive and provides functionalities across live streaming, On-demand video transcoding, Video editing, streaming and analytics. 
  • Videograph has all the tools a developer needs including, API Documentation, and sample codes for testing
  • Go through the documentations and resources to understand how to start, end, and analyse your live stream or On-demand content. Understand this first. Videograph API employs a token key with Token ID and a Token secret key for each user. Learn more API token creation from here
  • Videograph enables you to create VOD assets by recording your live streams in real-time so that they can be archived and repurposed.  
  • With Videograph SSAI you can dynamically replace content/ads within the live stream. Monetize your content by delivering personalized ADs to your viewers.  
  • Videograph captures wide range of engagement and playback quality metrics for both live and on-demand video content. Helps you to understand viewing patterns of users, and to identify & playback issues resolve the issues at early stage. 

Videograph is an advanced video API platform that make it easier to integrate videos into your applications. Ready to start your journey and leverage the power of video? 

Get started with Videograph and be a part of this revolutionary technology by signing up for a free trial