Plug & Play APIs for Live &
On-demand video streaming

Manage entire video life cycle from encoding, storage, and streaming using developer friendly APIs.

What's unique about VideoGraph?

Dynamic solution for your
video streaming needs

Live Streaming

High quality live streaming experience with latency as low as 4 seconds (end-to-end).

SSAI for FAST Channels

Insert Ads into your Free-Ad-Supported TV (FAST) Channels. Provide a VAST ad url & start live streaming with Ads.

Realtime Video Clips

Instantly create videoclips from live stream. Use our mp4 url to directly publish it on social media.

Video Analytics

Analyze viewership patterns and better position your content and ADs to maximize monetization.

How it Works

Videograph provides plug-and-play APIs to build video streaming capabilities


Upload video files via URL, direct upload, RTMP input. Our platform supports wide range of input formats such as .mp4, .mov, .m4v, .mpg, etc


Video files are processed 100X faster using our transcoding engine allowing you to publish live & on-demand video in minutes instead of months.


Instantly stream content in multiple devices & formats from anywhere. Enhance streaming experience by adding subtitles, thumbnail previews, etc.

Quick Demo

Try it yourself!

Seamlessly integrate videos into your applications

Use Videograph APIs for on-demand video & live streams.

Instantly publish them on any number of platform and screens. Building for mobile or the web? Our SDKs and device clients will bring our APIs to your tech stack.

Track the performance of your videos, no integrations required

Create fantastic video experiences with streaming data. Understand user engagement  in different  platforms and optimise your content accordingly.  

  • Monitor content in real-time as they are played. 
  • Geo-location specific engagement data.
  • Track popular videos from content library.
  • Viewership across devices, applications, players & OS.

Do it in Style, with our awesome user friendly platform

In addition to Video APIs, you can also our user friendly platform to upload, deliver and manage videos.
  • Easy to use With minimalistic interface easily perform the required tasks without having to run separate API calls.
  • Robust & Scalable Sophisticated infrastructure with 100X faster encoding and  worldwide edge delivery.


Videograph offers a wide range of features, from simplifying video transcoding to enhancing the overall streaming experience for your viewers.

Ingest / Upload


Start streaming immediately by uploading on-demand videos with our APIs or via the user interface.

Upload using API

Manual Upload

Video Clipping

Multiple file formats

Test video


Don’t worry about building complex video infrastructure. We can process your content seamlessly.

100X Faster Encoding

Smart Streaming

Audio Normalization

CDN Optimization

DRM Packaging




Reach your audience from anywhere in the world. Deliver a smooth & low latency video to your viewers.

Tags & Metadata

Subtitles & Thumbnails

Mp4 Support

Image Overlay

Secured Playback




Effortlessly manage content, video playbacks, & webhooks. Get detailed insights on viewership metrics.

Organizations & Teams


Master Access

Video Analytics


Experience faster video encoding!

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