Live Streaming

Go Live with Videograph

Create a live stream in Videograph and start broadcasting your live channel almost instantly.
  • POST Live stream Just send a post request to our live stream end point and you are ready to broadcast. Additionally, You can  use Videograph Dashboard to create, publish, and manage live streams.
  • RTMP Support Videograph supports RTMP protocol based live streaming. Configure our RTMP url & streaming key in your broadcast software and you are good to Go LIVE.

Record your Live Stream

Record Live streams to further repurpose and monetize your content even after live stream is ended.

You can easily record live stream with Videograph. Simply pass 'record' parameter value as 'true' while creating the live stream and your entire live stream will be recorded. Recording live stream doesn't get simpler than this!

Create Video Clips from Live Recording

You can create Video clips from live recording simply by passing on the Start & End time of the live stream as EPOCH value along with 'Stream ID'. 

Videograph will instantly encode the video clip, generate HLS and MP4 urls for you to further publish the content on social media and other applications.

Monetize with Ad Insertion

Videograph uses Server Side Ad Insertion (SSAI) to dynamically stich Ads into your live stream with SCTE markers and VAST ad tag URL.

  • Geo targeted & personalized advertising delivered across multiple platforms.
  • Seamless Ad stitching into the live streams ensures highest chance of Ad delivery and viewing.
  • Perfectly time the Ads to maximize customer engagement. 
  • Ideal choice for live streaming /broadcast viewing experience. Zero latency between Ads and content.

Start your live stream now!

Create a live stream in Videograph & start broadcasting it to the world.