Advanced Video Analytics

What's Unique ?

Advanced video analytics focuses on both viewership and playback quality experiences. Offers a wide range of tools to granulize data.

Built at scale for millions of streams

User friendly dashboard

Comprehensive playback metrics

Super Fast & Highly secure data

Realtime performance metrics with actionable insights

Advanced  video analytics captures playback events as they happen in real-time enabling you to identify the issues and resolve them at an early stage.

Provides detailed insights on target audience, Viewership patterns, content performance, video quality, playback performances & issues, video drops, play through rate, and more.

Be fully aware of your viewer's experience.

Monitor video playback accurately at the each viewer level, allowing your engineering and support teams to have a complete understanding of what is occurring on each user's device, enabling them to troubleshoot more efficiently.

Multi- dimensional attributes to granulise insights

Understand engagement on different content types,  device specific viewership, traffic across different players & its versions and other attributes important to your team.

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