Video Analytics

Gain deeper understanding of user engagement on your videos

Provides a clear perspective of user's viewing behaviour, and delivers crucial data needed for making informed decisions about content and monetization strategy. 
Captures critical viewerships metrics such as Unique Views, Concurrent views, No.of Sessions, Average session duration, Viewership Minutes,etc.

Correlate video metrics with various key attributes

Refine video metrics by correlating it with key attributes to achieve granularized insights on user's viewing patterns. 

  • Content Specific Retrieve engagement metrics specific to each content to understand its performance among your viewers.
  • Geo location Understand viewership patterns specific to each country and city. Identify what works well with the audience and optimise your content strategy.
  • Device Specific Get a clear picture on which devices your viewers use the most to watch content. Use the insights to workout a comprehensive partnership strategy with OEMs to your benefit.

Analyze viewer engagement

Upload and publish your videos in Videograph to start using our video analytics tool.